Diagnosis of unlocalized or referred facial pain

In many cases, patients may complain of pain in their mouths, but have difficulty in pinpointing the exact location.  In most of these cases, an evaluation of our x-rays combined with a careful diagnostic workup will find the offending tooth rather quickly.  In other cases, however, the pain may be vague or non-localized, and even referred from an area distant from where the pain is felt.  Diagnosis can become quite difficult when neither our x-rays, nor our clinical examination and testing, are able to reveal the problem.  Further complicating the situation, is the fact that there are non-dental issues which may mimic tooth pain, such as various types of neuralgias, muscular or jaw pain, and maxillary sinusitis. All of these must be carefully considered in order to ensure that our patients receive the correct treatment and/or advice, and to make sure that they do not undergo any unnecessary treatment.  In our office, we spend a great deal of time on diagnostic procedures and testing, utilizing 3D imaging when necessary, in order to achieve this goal.