Digital Radiographs

In our office we take radiographs (xrays) only when medically necessary.  Usually, we are  able to utilize an emailed pre-operative radiograph from your general dentist. For diagnostic purposes, additional areas or angles may sometimes be required, to properly envision decay, infection or anomalies in root morphology.  Occasionally, radiographs become necessary during treatment, in order to assess progress or orientation.  A radiograph is always required at the completion of treatment, in order to ensure that the quality meets our high expectations. 

The good news is that Digital Radiography gives us high quality images with minimal exposure, decreasing radiation by 90% when compared to traditional xrays. Furthermore, the ability to share these radiographs with your general dentist or other dental specialists allows for immediate communication in real time.  This is  significant advantage when decisions about your mouth need to be made.