Morita F40 Imaging System

We are pleased to be able to provide our  patients with the very latest technology in 3D imaging. As one of the first endodontic offices to utilize this technology, we are now already on our second machine, having upgraded to the Morita F40 for Cone Beam Commuted Tomography (CBCT) . Unlike full CT scans which emit a linear beam, cone-beam technology (CBCT), utilizes a cylindrical beam, which targets a particular area of concern. By minimizing the area of exposure and the amount of radiation to the patient, cone-beam technology provides a safe and yet highly diagnostic alternative in cases where traditional radiography is insufficient.                                

This technology enables us to deliver a more sophisticated level of patient care, diagnostically, as well as clinically. For example, in difficult diagnostic cases involving non-localized pain, we now have the ability to identify areas of infection as well as other potential problems not visible on two-dimensional digital imaging. As a pre-surgical diagnostic tool, we are able to assess the true position of root apices, in relation to various anatomical structures, as well as the extent of bony lesions, allowing us to perform these procedures more safely and efficiently. In addition to 3D scanning, this unit will produce high quality two-dimensional panoramic radiographs, as well as sinus and TMJ images.